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Coaching Packages

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  • All Coaching sessions you will be learning something to utilize in your business.
  • You will leave with homework to complete.

All of my coaching is based on the premise of “self discovery”, and helping you formulate the best action plan for your business with the current personnel that you have.   You will be learning something new, but you will have the support and guidance to maintain your success.


Three Types of Coaching: 

  • Start Up – Business Plans and initial start up activities to get business up and running
  • Growth – Business is running and want to take it to the next level
  • Opportunity – Business is not achieving it’s highest potential – includes Marketing, Networking, and HR
Business Training

Business Training is crucial to any long term success. It is great to “know” what you want, but do you know the mechanics so that you hire the right people, get the right service or provide the best advice. You can stream line your business through many techniques that we will discover together. Many of the things that you “think you can never learn” will be adaptable and easy to follow.

Menu of Classes:

Interviewing Skills Workshop for the Interviewer
Program Description: Interview Techniques and Skills that will help you when you are hiring the best, or going for your next promotion. You will amaze audiences in meetings, networking settings and you will answer questions with clarity. Represent yourself at events or meetings with your best marketing strategy; your voice, your clarity and your prowess!
Creating Customers for Life
Program Description: Customer Relationship Management is a mindset that you create with your staff and in your daily activities. Build a team of customer-centric focused individuals; and devise an action plan to stay in touch, keep in touch and create world-class service
Performance Management
Program Description: Build your team with expectations and understanding of the mission and goals. This workshop will show you how to create an atmosphere for success for every team member by evaluating their performance effectively. You’ll learn how to create mutual understandings and expectations, resolve conflict and develop ongoing succession plans.


Marketing Your Business, Prospecting, & Referrals
Program Description: Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur? Want to learn the HOW TOs of marketing to increase your business success? This fast-paced workshop will teach you how to effectively market your business using traditional and online marketing, active prospecting and networking opportunities. Get the facts on marketing successes for both online and offline, and discover which tools are available, most used and most successful. This is a very tactical workshop that is information rich loaded with tons of HOW TO instruction.
Social Networking for the Busy Entrepreneur
Program Description: Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur? You know you have to be on the internet to make sure you are making the most of your FREE marketing machine, Social Networking.  Make sure you are creating your online presence in social networking that will be effective, engaging and on the RIGHT social networks.  Attend this workshop to define your WHY to be on social networks, then make sure you are executing this plan effectively.
How to Create a Basic Website Business
Program Description: The “website” portion of this title tells you that we will talk about the tools to create a website business. However, the bulk of this class will be discussing service businesses in general; how to find customers; how to create a customer centric company that will thrive for many years. You will get the HOW TO, and the WHERE TO get customers. No tricks or gimmicks.  Best part of this company, is I can show you how to open it with NO MONEY.


Independent Contractors Success Strategy
Program Description: Get an orientation on how to create a great business.  Regardless of what company/brokerage you join, there are ways that you have to stay productive, utilize tools, and know what your business model is. There is a formula for success, if you choose to use it, you will be successful; if you don’t you will have the roller coaster career that most Independent Contractors have. You choose.  Sign up!  This formula works for any industry that has to prospect for clients including 1099, self-employed and MLMs.
Social Networking Basics for Business

How to create pages, understanding which networks are best for types of businesses. This class can be taught as one class: as an overview of each of the top social networks, or as individual classes.

Individual classes will be How to set up: Privacy Settings/General Settings; how to find statistics of demographics, best time to post and what type of posts work best for engagement.  All based on current facts and statistics.

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • You Tube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Microsoft Classes

Program Description:  Attend These classes to gain proficiency and a higher level skill set with Microsoft® Products.  Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point and Publisher all have similar features which enable the user to have the power of marketing at their fingertips.  Learn how to remain efficient, create databases, create marketing material and learn how to use Mail Merge.

I have many other tools that can help business succeed. You name the challenge that you are having and we will either create a class or modify one to meet your needs. These are just some of the more popular ones!

All 90 minute classes. All classes include handouts, instruction and 1 follow up 30 minute individual coaching session.

  • $250 for up to 5 participants 9o Minute Classes; Each additional participant is $40.
  • The Hands-on workshops are conducted at facilities that have their own computer lab or in a location where you can bring your own.  (included in price)

Website Services:

  • You purchase your own domain name and hosting – Prices for 5 page websites with full google connection, site stats, lead development and contact forms,  social media connection, and instruction (1 hour)  start at $1800.
  • Monthly maintenance (social media, blogging, and updates) packages start at $250 Per month.
  • Content Development per page is additional charge.
  • Photos and Graphics are additional charge.

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