Want to Make Taxes Easier? There’s an App for That

Make Taxes Easier – There’s an App for That These apps will help you file your return, track receipts and expenses year-round and more. Apps can help taxpayers stay organized throughout the year so tax prep is less overwhelming. By Molly McCluskey Feb. 3, 2015 It seems there are as …

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Strategies: 16 small business resolutions for 2016

Business Resolution Strategies

Business Resolution Strategies Business Resolutions main strategy is to make small sustainable changes that can be monitored and measured. Scoring, challenging, pushing your limits are all things that will get your business growing fast! Review this great article and call Business Resolutions today to get started! Lose weight. Quit smoking. …

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War On Hackers – Business Resolutions

Researcher Releases 10 Million Usernames And Passwords In Fight Against Obama’s War On Hackers With the sentencing of Barrett Brown, a journalist who was convicted of numerous crimes and whose jail time was increased because he posted a link to stolen data, and some worrying cyber security proposals from the …

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Disarm Angry Customers With Social Video

We have entered an age where the options for customers to connect to brands have become endless. Beyond the traditional online support and telephone options, social media has driven a whole new plethora of places that customers seeking immediate feedback can go to get attention. For some brands the onslaught …

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The Truth about ROI – Space Coast ASTD

Great Resources Great TEAMWORK Are you looking for resources to make your job easier? What about best practices from leading training experts and top companies to take your organization to the next level? Could you benefit from having new learning technologies explained in clear and understandable terms? Ready to expand …

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Concise, SCANNABLE, and Objective: How to Write for the Web

Business Resolutions has been teaching a class, called Website Theory. It covers most of this information. (even from 1997, this is still very relevent)  After completing several hundred website projects, I knew most of this, and some of it I learned from friends and colleagues over the years.  These are exerpts …

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