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You’ll always have an action plan; not a lot of fluff and philosophy.  Attend one of my classes; Call for a Free initial consultation on Business Coaching, or connect about a marketing plan..lets make your success soar!

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Busines Coaching
 Get right to the grass roots of what makes you successful! I am a successful business coach because I teach you how to plow through those GLASS ceilings of achievement.

In business school, they teach you how to make a great plan.  Test studies and focus groups don’t always apply to real life.  You need a business coach who has experienced how to execute the plan.  With over 20 years of retail sales and service management; human resources; leadership and devleopment experience in corporate America and for my own small businesses, I am the right coach for the person who wants to Lead with Revenue and maintain profitability.

I have a 3 step process that is FAIL PROOF, as long as you are willing to work for it.
You can create multiple streams of income and increased success – every day.
Will it be hard? Most definitely. Will it be stressful? You better believe it!
The payoff is that it will be WORTH IT!!

“Lead with Revenue!”,  I forbid you to start with DEBT!
The first thing we start with is your Assets and Community Resources!

Once you learn how, you’ll never go back to your old ways.
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What Clients are saying:
Thank you so much for helping us with our communication and our Teamwork. I never realized how my actions and my employees actions were affecting our business. We are #1 in the company now. Thanks to you!”  -CS  7/2012

“I’m putting people to work with my new business, and you showed me how. I just want to tell you I really appreciate everything that you have done for us, things are so much better now, and I’ve been recognized by the President of my company in just a few short weeks.
Thank you for what you have done for my career and for my family”.  -EA, 5/2012

“Thank you for rocking my world” -AO, 1-2013

“Just wanted to let you know that I reached my sales goal of $5M.
You gave me so many ideas and helped me to stay focused”. -BG 1/2013

I never share names of individual coaching clients or companies, because THEY deserve all the glory for their achievements! Hopefully you notice around town that service gets better, marketing gets better and a few people are more relaxed. When you see that, think of me to be YOUR coach. ~Ellen

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What the Clients are Saying:
Ellen,  I thoroughly enjoyed your class at Brevard Workforce today. Thank you for your time and your excellent discussion of the major social media to consider as an entrepreneur. Look forward to your next class. Respectfully,   Gerry B.”

“I attended your class yesterday at Brevard Workforce.  Thank You!  You did a superb job and I was so impressed with your delivery, humor, and handling of the subject. Sincerely, Julie D”

     “I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent presentation yesterday at the Brevard Workforce office in Palm Bay.  This was my first exposure to any kind of training about social networking tools, and I admit I listened primarily from the perspective of the job seeker, not the entrepreneur. You opened the door and showed me the Technicolor of Oz; I suddenly understood how these tools offer amazing new possibilities to me. I’m also impressed and grateful that you volunteer your considerable expertise to those of us who need it so badly.  Well done!”  -Sincerely, Beth B.

Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, Goal Setting, Website Creation/Support, Technology Classes and Management Classes.

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